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The wild dog problem is a serious issue for rural Australia and particularly within the Central West of Queensland. Cluster fencing has made a significant impact in allowing graziers to run sheep on their properties and this is evident in the improving stock levels and lambing rates.

Outback Property Solutions is working to help graziers protect their livestock by supplementing the successful cluster wild dog fencing solution. The team is developing a solution to prevent wild dogs entering the wild dog exclusion fence areas.

This is an ambitious project which is being delivered at an accelerated pace.  

Our products need to withstand the harsh conditions of Outback Australia, including operating in environments without Internet communications.  Importantly, the solution needs to be proven to work reliably in harsh Outback conditions as well as convincing tough critics.

While much of the design and development occurs in Brisbane, the team are firmly grounded within the Central West.  This close integration with the bush has been a key factor in delivering the solution in a compressed schedule.

OPS are also developing a “whole of property” monitoring and control solution. This solution needs to work effectively, be practical and cost-effective.

This is an aggressive multi-year programme of enhancements and new products have been identified to benefit the Central West of Queensland.