Gate Guardian

Gate Guardian is installed on critical gates and continually monitor when the gate is either opened or closed. Gate Guardian alerts if a gate is open.

Wild dog exclusion fences protect sheep and cattle from the attacks of wild dogs. However dogs will breach the exclusion fence through an open gate, even if the gate is left open for only a short time.

It takes time and effort to hunt the dogs down once they are inside the exclusion fence.

Gate Guardian . . .

  • continually monitors critical gates.
  • records when each gate is opened or closed.
  • records how long the gate is left open.
  • alerts if a gate is opened (and it should be shut).
  • shows all the information about the gate in a secure web Portal.

Stop wild dogs entering the exclusion fence areas.

Gate Guardian requires the installation of an OPS Communications Network.

Gate Guardian is part of the OPS “whole of property” monitoring solution.