Grid Scarer

Grid Scarer is being manufactured.
Available to be confirmed.

Grid Scarer prevents wild dogs from crossing cattle grids and entering wild dog exclusion fence areas. Grid Scarer is mounted on a cattle grid facing the direction the dogs will approach from.

Grid Scarer responds with loud sounds and bright lights to keep the dogs away from the grid. The lights and sounds are varied to ensure that the wild dogs do not become familiar with the deterrent.

Grid Scarer is solar/battery powered and can optionally communicate back to the OPS Portal using the OPS Communications Network. Grid Scarer is a robust solution designed for the Outback.

Grid Scarer . . .

  • prevents dogs crossing cattle grids and breaching the exclusion fence areas.
  • deters dogs with an aggressive response.
  • varies the deterrent response to ensure the dogs do not become familiar.
  • doesn’t affect cars and vehicles using the road.

Grid Scarer benefits from the installation of an OPS Communications Network.

Grid Scarer is part of the OPS “whole of property” monitoring solution.