Mailbox Collect

Mailbox Collect alerts when there is mail in your mailbox to collect. The Mailbox Collect is a smart switch that is located within your mailbox.

Mailbox Collect will send a message or an email when the switch is moved to the “Mail to Collect” position. You can also see the switch position on the OPS Portal.  

The switch is then moved “Mailbox Empty” when the mailbox is cleared.

Mailbox Collect is a robust solution designed for the Outback.

Mailbox Collect . . .

  • alerts when the mail has been delivered.
  • ensures the mail is collected from the mailbox at the earliest.
  • saves you unnecessary driving to the mailbox.

Mailbox Collect requires the installation of an OPS Communications Network.

Mailbox Collect is part of the OPS “whole of property” monitoring solution.