The Team


The OPS team comprise a diverse set of skills and experience. The team are based in a variety of locations including the Central West of Queensland, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Singapore.

Keith Gordon

Operations Manager

Keith, with his wife Jenny, own “El Kantara” a property 80km south-west of Longreach. Keith is a sheep grazier and was an early adopter of cluster fencing. Keith identified the early need for a solution to augment wild dog fencing in particular circumstances. It was a call by Keith to Andrew that triggered what has now become Outback Property Solutions. Keith is responsible for the OPS Operations function.

Andrew Barton


Andrew spent his early years west of Longreach on the family property where his father still lives. Andrew is an electrical engineer and has extensive knowledge and experience in the development of products and systems for harsh and remote environments. He has experience in signal processing, data analysis, sensor and transducer development, data management, artificial intelligence and product delivery. Andrew is accountable for the overall solution definition and delivery. Andrew is the OPS CEO. [BEng(Elec)Newcastle, MIEAust NER]  

Riley Ross

Development Manager

Riley has accountability for delivery of the entire technical solution including management of the Product Delivery Roadmap. Riley is studying at Macquarie University and has an IT and engineering focus combined with solution support and customer service experience. He has experience in the management of large IT solutions. Riley’s accountability also includes management and support of the core OPS computing infrastructure.

Shane Roberts

Customer Advocate

Shane has experience developing and validating large “multi-million dollar” flight simulators in the USA. Shane has strong solution integration experience and is accountable for the validation and proving of the overall solution. Shane will ensure that each release is thoroughly tested and evaluated prior to release. Shane has extensive 3D printing and design experience and is using these skills to deliver custom enclosures for the field based devices. Shane’s accountability includes OPS customer support and OPS safety management.

David Jerrard

Data Manager

David is a seasoned IT professional with comprehensive business and technical skills. He has 20+ years’ experience working in the IT industry, in both the private and public sectors, for organisations large and small, as an employee, a contractor, and an independent consultant. David’s core areas of technical expertise are in Data Management, including Data Architecture, Data Modelling, Data Quality, and Database Design and Development. His particular forte is Spatial Data and Geographic Information Systems.

James Williamson

Future Technology Lead

James is the Future Technology Lead. James is in his fifth year of a dual degree of  Electrical/Biomedical Engineering and Biomedical Science at the University of Queensland. James has an interest in computer vision, machine learning and custom electronic hardware. James is focusing on evaluating emerging technology and making it available to the OPS development team.

Madura Senadeera

IoT Connectivity Lead

Madura in his role of IoT Connectivity Lead is accountable for the OPS distributed network of data collection and control devices. Madura is responsible for the design, function, capacity planning and monitoring of the real-time OPS IoT solution. Madura is a third year electrical engineering student with the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Madura is a foundation member of the project team he will continue his University studies in Singapore courtesy of the Australian Government as he has been successful in receiving a prestigious New Colombo Plan scholarship. Madura will continue his work from Singapore.

Firaddin Aliyev

Software Development

Firaddin completed his engineering studies in Russia and has strong modeling skills and experience. Firaddin is providing engineering programming within the project and is working primarily on the development of the software for the OPS Portal. Firaddin is master at taking on new technologies and approaches. He is one of those quiet unsung heroes.

Taimur Masud

University Work Experience Student

Taimur Masud is completing an Electronics Engineering degree at Macquarie University in Sydney having joined OPS in mid 2017 as a university work experience student. Taimur oversees the electronic circuit board design and manufacture function including the central library of PCB designs ensuring that correct version control is maintained. He engages directly with the OPS PCB designers as well as making his own design contributions. Taimur also oversees the process to send approved PCB designs for manufacture. This role provides Taimur with great engineering experience, while also providing a valuable contribution to OPS.

Amirali Emami

University Work Experience Student

Amirali Emami is completing a Telecommunications Engineering degree at Macquarie University in Sydney having joined OPS in mid 2017 as a university work experience student. Amirali oversees the telecommunications function of the OPS Communications Network. This includes the configuration of new communications components and the central console that controls and monitors the entire OPS Communications Network. Amirali oversees the library of data messaging formats ensuring that correct version control is maintained. Amirali engages directly with those within the OPS team designing remote devices and also the central Portal, as well as contributing to the development of the firmware that is utilised in all OPS products.  This role provides Amirali with great engineering experience, while also providing a valuable contribution to OPS.

Raymund Wietschorke

RF Communications Consultant

Raymund is our RF Communications Consultant. Ray is an amateur radio operator with extensive practical experience in all aspects of RF communications, both voice and data. Ray’s passion is the successful design and deployment of the OPS Communications Network.

Dr Robert Taylor

Academic Lead

Rob is an academic specialising in audio and acoustic communication. After completing a masters degree in Design Science (audio and acoustics) at the University of Sydney, he undertook higher degree research research in acoustic communication at the University of Newcastle under an Australian Government Research Training Scheme Scholarship. Rob was awarded his doctorate in mid 2018, and will be fulfilling the role of academic lead on the project acting as liaison to academic channels of research, securing university affiliation and accreditation, and facilitating necessary research that assists the project in achieving its goals.