The Solution


OPS is developing products targeted to the specific needs of the Central West of Queensland.

These products have been

  • Devised with those who will use the final product.
  • Designed using the latest available technology.
  • Developed by a team having a close working relationship with those in the Outback.
  • Thoroughly tested from the outset understanding the harsh and isolated conditions of the Australian Outback.
  • Delivered using an agile approach that allows for continuous improvement and refinement given feedback and lessons learnt.

OPS have a portfolio of proposed products that have been prioritised by a primary producer steering committee. New products are considered for inclusion within the portfolio and the product priorities are reviewed each release by the steering committee.

OPS have established a rolling programme of releases with the releases typically occurring in March and September. The releases are named after Australian animals and birds. The Anteater release was finalised in December 2017 and the Bandicoot release was finalised in April 2018. The Cockatoo release was completed in September this year. The Dollarbird and Emu releases will occur in March and September 2019.

Our first product, Virtual Dog Fence (VDF) was announced in April 2018. VDF is a rugged computerised device that continually “looks” for wild dogs and prevents them from crossing the virtual fence line. A visual record is retained of each detection for further analysis and validation.

The Virtual Dog Fence devices are designed to be placed in areas where dogs are expected such as a channel crossing and where it is difficult to maintain a conventional wild dog exclusion fence.

OPS are developing a “Virtual Dog Fence” solution, which will subsequently include the ability to deter dogs from targeted areas such as channel crossings. These “smart virtual fence” solutions compliment the wild dog exclusion fencing.

The Virtual Dog Fence product has been proven in Outback trials and is undergoing an intense phase of product hardening readying it for general availability. The Virtual Dog Fence product will be extensively trialed and refined over an extended period.