Virtual Dog Fence

Virtual Dog Fence V2 is currently under development.
Availability to be confirmed.

Virtual Dog Fence prevents dogs breaching wild dog exclusion areas where sections are difficult to place a physical fence. Such as where the fence crosses a creek channel. In these cases, several Virtual Dog Fence devices will be installed facing the direction the dogs will approach from. The Virtual Dog Fence product is a complex design and its success draws heavily on the psychology and implicit behavior of the wild dogs.

Virtual Dog Fence has both an active and passive dog deterrent mode. The passive deterrent mode covers a large area around the gap in the fence. The passive deterrent mode is the first line of defence against the dogs. The active deterrent mode occurs when the dog is close enough to the Virtual Dog Fence devices to be positively detected. The VDF devices then immediately produce sound and light to cause the dog to quickly leave the area.

The Virtual Dog Fence product is undergoing aggressive and concerted development. It was successfully proven to detect dogs in December 2017. The Virtual Dog Fence product was then packaged for use in harsh Outback conditions by April 2018 including solar/battery operation and a new environmental enclosure. Given the exceedingly strong response to the product, a decision was made to migrate the detection software to a more mature and scalable software platform. This work is aggressively underway now. While this change has required additional development time, the resulting product will be far superior. We would be very happy to respond to specific queries regarding this software migration.  

Virtual Dog Fence  . . .

  • monitors critical sections of the wild dog exclusion fence.
  • provides continuous passive dog deterrence.
  • aggressively repels dogs when they are detected.
  • alerts when wild dogs are detected.
  • shows information including dog detections on a secure web Portal.

Virtual Dog Fence is a robust solution designed for the Outback.

Virtual Dog Fence requires the installation of an OPS Communications Network.

Virtual Dog Fence is part of the OPS “whole of property” monitoring solution.